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GOOGLE BUSINESS PHOTOS - Google Tour of your business - What's included?

- Setup / Creation / Customization of your Business Google+ Local Page.
   EXAMPLES: [restaurant] [retail] [sport]

- Creation of a Google tour of your business.
   EXAMPLES: [hotel] [restaurant] [retail] [sport]

- Creation of an article in Blogger, the Google's blog system, containing all your services,
   relevant information about your business, links to your website and the Google tour.

   EXAMPLES: [hotel] [restaurant] [retail]

- 50 High Definition (HD) Royalty Free Pictures of your products/services.

- Promotion of your products using your pictures through Google images.

- Promotion of your business on Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Foursquare & Flickr.

- A Youtube video promoting your business / services.
   EXAMPLES: [hotel] [retail] [sport]

- We will spread the word about your business through Google+, Facebook, Twitter.

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