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Virtual British Columbia Tours is a local company nestled in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. We provide customized solutions that best fit our client's individual marketing strategies by offering panoramic HD 360 virtual tour services, Street View | Trusted services through Google trusted photographers, business photos, and promoting local businesses through social media networks.

Reasons to use our Virtual Tour Service

Let's face it. We all know that first impressions are everything. If you want to make a difference, you are in the right place because our 360 HD virtual tours are the marketing tool you are looking for. Definitely, we are the only company providing images with so high quality, virtual tours with smooth transitions, and knowledge of what we are doing.

You can close your eyes and rely on us, because your virtual tours will show your establishment in some way that everyone will want to visit you. That's the reason why we use HDR techniques, to be sure that your virtual tours will be an amazing experience that everyone will enjoy now, and for the rest of the time.

How to use our Virtual Tour?

You can zoom in, zoom out and make the tour 'full screen' using simple buttons on screen. You get amazing multimedia interaction in the standart package.

We can also add extra information, like sensible spots, floating images, inserting videos, and any kind of digital media with almost no limitations.

Using HDR in Virtual Tours

Unlike human eyes, a camera is unable to distinguish between intensive light and dark. HDR (High Dynamic Range) is the best way to deal with this issue. It requires taking multiple shots (at least 3) of a similar view, but with different exposures.

The final result will let you see as much details in lightest areas, as in the darkest ones.

Virtual Tours in all platforms

Our tours are working on the most popular platforms in the world - Windows, iOS, Android, Blackberry OS, and etc. We are trying to deliver cross devices experience as no one else.

Different Plattforms

Our Virtual Tours include:

Professional Photography.
360 HD Virtual Tours.
Banner with Contact Information (Logo, Address, Email, Website, Telephone, Cell, Fax)
Gallery with up to 5 images per panorama - in Restaurants, the menus will be submitted by customer in any digital format (EPS or PDF preferred)
1 Set of Hotspots and/ or buttons to navigate between panoramas (in Virtual Tours with 2 or more panoramas)
Navigation Panel (Controls - Left - Right - Up - Down - Zoom In / Out - Fullscreen)
( optional ) Integrated Background Music (Royalty Free Music from an Internet Radio Station)
Social Media Integration (Just send us your links and we will tie in the icons to your Virtual Tour)
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Your Virtual Tour will be included in www.360cities.net
We will include Google Analytics code to keep track of all the visitors to your virtual tour.
We will provide a link to the virtual tour hosted in our server, and a CD containing the files for online or/and offline use.
Up to 5 minutes video containing a slideshow, your contact information, your website and virtual tour link will be included in YouTube.
A panoramic image of your virtual tour(s) will be published in Flickr, and the images as well.
An article will be published in our blog describing your services and business.
Your Virtual Tour will be published in our local directory www.virtualbc.ca for a year.
A QRCode will be created linking to your website, Virtual Tour, phone number, or anything you wanna link.
Your Virtual Tour will be published at Pinterest.com
Plus a mobile version of your Virtual Tour.
Fully Supported (Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about your project)
( optional - Restaurants ) A link to your tripadvisor reviews page from our portal www.virtualbc.ca, and a tripadvisor widget containing the reviews as well but inside the panorama.
( optional ) 1 Video per panorama
( optional ) Voice Recorded Presentation starting the panorama
( 1 presentation per panorama and up to 30 - 45 seconds. )

The Customer will provide the files / links, including all the rights to use them.


Kettle Valley

Kettle Valley The Village of Kettle Valley, named "Best Community in Canada" by the Canadian Home Builders Association.

Kentland Homes

Kentland Homes With exceptional quality and comfort, Kentland Homes have been the leader in home building in The Village of Kettle Valley.

Google Business Photos